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Agnus Dei

Run time - 8:15

Ave Maria

Run time - 3:49


Run time - 2:58

Beautiful Savior

F. Melius Christiansen

Alto Soloist - Deborah Harding
Run time - 3:51

Bide With Us, Lord

Michael Praetorius

Run time - :57

Blessed Be That Maid Marie

Run time - 2:46

Break Forth O Beauteous
Heavenly Light

Johann Sebastian Bach

Run time - 1:18

Bring Him Home

Claude-Michel Schonberg

Run time - 4:09

Christ In The Strangers Guise

Run time - 2:04

Ding Dong Merrily On High

Run time - 2:00

Good King Wenceslaus

Run time - 2:33

The Holly and the Ivy

Run time - 2:44

Lamb of God

Run time - 2:39

What Is This Lovely Fragrance?

Healy Willan

Run time - 3:15

Madam Jeanette

Run time - 2:54

O Vos Omnes

Run time - 3:18

O Magnum Mysterium

Morten Lauridsen

Run time - 5:43

Our Father

Alexandr Grechaninov

Run time - 5:18
Written for an Orthodox tradition which forbade the use of musical instruments in the church, Grechaninov has created a veritable “organ of voices” in the classic Russian style. Utilizing a full four octaves of range, a great variety of expressive dynamics and stunning vocal colors, he creates a marvelous palette of sound.


Run time - 2:49

A Soul Cake

arr. Robert deCormier

Run time - 2:21
Reminiscent of the custom of “wassailing” or going house to house to sing for treats or drink, the Singers request a small pastry called a “soul-cake” for a Christmas treat.

Surely He Hath Born Our Griefs

Evan Copley

Run time - 3:46